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We deliver quality solutions for all your needs whether they are websites, desktop applications or mobile applications. We provide the whole package right from the conceptulization to the research and development of various ideas and then moving onto development, installation and finally testing to make sure that everything works to your satisfaction. We even provide unlimited followup and support to all our programs so our customers are assured that they won’t be left stranded anytime.

Company Profile

Company Profile We are a software programming and development company located in Chandigarh, India
We have over 10 years software development experience in programming using C++, Perl,PHP, ASP, ASP.net, JSP, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Java using databases like MySQL, MSSQL, Access, Oracle on various platforms like Linux,FreeBSD, Apache, Windows...
About Sangranet Technologies


"Working with SangraNet over the past 5 years has been an amazing ride!

Nagender is a HIGHLY gifted individual who can program just about anything you can dream of. I know this for a fact since I have.. given him many difficult projects over the years..
Robert Barnard
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